India To Retain Its Position As Fastest Growing Economy In Coming Decades: Arun Jaitley

India To Retain Its Position As Fastest Growing Economy In Coming Decades: Arun Jaitley

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today exhorted confidence that India will retain its position of fastest growing economy in the coming decades like China did in the last three decades.”The way the situation in the world is changing there is a great opportunity that has come in the way of India. The world keep facing its challenges and (in) the last few years India has started leaving its footprints behind.

“And when India is leaving its footprints behind, becoming one of the faster economies in the world, it obviously means that the opportunity for India and Indians is going to increase,” Mr Jaitley said while addressing the 17th convocation of University of Jammu.The university conferred 185 degrees to candidates, who have qualified for the award of doctor of philosophy in 2015-16 up to December 31, 2016, besides 59 students were awarded gold medals, cash awards and certificates of merit.

The finance minister said: “We are looked at as one of the bright spots in the world, and over the next one or two decades, our potential to retain that position of fast growing economy as China did in the last three decades belongs to India”.

Asserting that the Jammu and Kashmir would have been the most affluent part of the country if not struck by insurgency, Mr Jaitley hoped that the educated youth will lead the state to achieve its objective of bringing peace and ensure development of all the regions.”I always wonder to myself where does a state like Jammu and Kashmir stand in the whole story. Conceptually, if all is well with a limited population, a large area, the most beautiful spots in the world, handicrafts, a good agriculture and the best of the pilgrim centres, and if all has been well historically, this should have been theoretically the most affluent part of this country.

“But unfortunately, the curse of insurgency struck us and I must say as a tribute to the academic fraternity, I say this because I have the opportunity to interact with students over the last 20 years in the valley as every time there has been a parliamentary delegation, I have had the opportunity of being part of it. Amongst all of the delegations which used to meet us, when I used to come back, the most impressive used to be the students from the university there,” he said.Mr Jaitley further said the student community, despite living in the midst of a disturbed environment, excelled academically.

The Business Standard, New Delhi, 05th March 2018

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